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so as you guys probably know I’m making pendants and stuff for my new etsy shop at the minute soooooo i thought I’d give some stuff to two lucky people :)


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3)please do not spam my account,enter once or twice a day

(shipping worldwide)

I’ll choose the winner on the 1st of september.

note: follow me on instagram (@porcelainannie) for more chances but make sure to send me your username

yaw enter this rad thingy

hey guyssss,i wanted to tell you that there’s a giveaway going on on my instagram account as well so go check it out xx

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I really would just love to flounce around wearing things like this EVERY. DAY. Seriously- I need more Fantasy goth…. and armor. I need more armor..or maybe just a pauldron? Yes, a pauldron would do nicely.

(Sources- hnaoto, corvus corone fashion, Unknown, Model Kinyo, Erevos Aetherverillas, Sansa Stark’s Dress, Polyvore, ShortcuttothestarsVerillas)

I’m in this photoset :D

The Evil Within + loading images

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Dog cloud over Manhattan . August 17, 2014

rare glimpse of Dog Heaven spotted. not a cloud just the souls of very many good dogs

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a frog.

No, it’s just little ole me, Underdog.

Bawoom Bawoom Bawoom Bawoom

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